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Andrei Lugovoy | The Life and Death of Alexander Litvinenko | Bolton

Grange Park Opera

Dir: Stephen Medcalf

Cond: Stephen Barlow

"Edmund Danon made a skin-crawling impression as a slippery, would-be-friend to Sasha as Lugavoy, his eventual killer." - Opera Wire

"There's a cheeky Brecht-Weill moment when assassin Andrei Lugovoy (Edmund Danon) goes full Mack the Knife. All highly effective." - The Spectator

"As so often, the ‘baddies’ fared best. Baritone Edmund Danon as Andrei Lugovoy ... was vividly sleazy.... His character is given a bitingly satiric cabaret song, celebrating how he got away with it and Danon’s sarcastic performance was a welcome relief." - Culture Whisper

"Edmund Danon relished the sung snarl of the assassin Lugovoy" - Opera Magazine

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